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Throughout my Website you'll find Art for The Funny Bone designs created here at, Over the Edge Studios!  I hope you'll enjoy looking at all my cartoon art and the Children's Books that are currently published. 

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Ever wonder what Sharks dream About?  Have you Ever had Shark Sushi?  Are you a Pool Shark or Card Shark?  Did you Ever need a Loan from a Loan Shark? Then you'll Love my, Shark ARt /Shark Bites designs . . .

Do you Love to Golf?  Golf is the only Sport where it's totally Legal to Tote a 9-iron, were You can shoot Birdies and not get arrested and if You're a bit under-par you don't Need to see your doctor! 

So, if you Love Golf, just like I do,then my Golfing designs, Outta-the-Ruff is the Perfect Place to hit a Hole-in-One!  And then you'll Finally understand what a '2-stroke Penalty' Really means!!!!!

What Else are you NUTS about?  Fishing?  Soccer?  Are you a 'Golf Nut'?  Did you Ever wonder what Peanuts really do?  If you're not quite sure what Kind of a NUT you really Are, then it might be best if You made a take a lookat my, Goin' Nuts designs.  There you'll find Out just what Kind of a NUT you might be . . .

What about Winter?  Do you Like to Frolic in the Snow?  Do you Ski?  Snowboard?  Do you Throw Snowballs at your friends?  Do you like to make Snow Angels in the snow?  Well, even if you Don't, you'll definitely Want to Visit my, Snow Blind cartoons and I am sure you'll know for sure just What kind of Fun you can have Playing in he snow . . .

Have you Ever had Dreams of being in the Olympics and Winning a Gold Medal?  Do you Love Hockey, Volleyball or Weightlifting?  Are you a Tennis Player, or do You just Love to watch Tennis, or play Just for fun?  No matter what Kind of an Athlete you might be, or even if you're not an Athlete, but just Love all kinds of Funny Sports.  With my, Olimpick Trials cartoons you will Find out just what Kind of Athlete You hope you can become!!!!