Over The Edge Studios  is my personal studio I built as a place where I can let my creative energy go wild.  The studio rests on eighteen acres of property, hidden up on a ridge, nestled in the forest of Brown County, Indiana.  As well, this property is attached to The Brown County State Park, which is comprised of 16,700 acres.  So, I always say, my dream studio is hidden on 16,718 acres . . .

At the Over The Edge Studios, I create a variety of art designs, from T shirt designs (cartoon art) to Children's Books, Photography Books, Abstract Art, Wood Art and currently what I call, Photosketching. 

For me however, my passion is Writing and Illustrating Children's Books!  Can't explain why it reaches so deep into my soul, but it does.

Also I have another website showing my studio and tells a little more about myself at:

          Or you can contact me via my studio phone:

                             (812) 988-0901,

                     or by calling his cell phone:

                             (812) 350-4807. 

                               My address is:                           

3942 State Road 135 South, Nashville, Indiana 47448