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    My Art for The Funny Bone company is built on the principles of making quality art to be placed on quality products.  It is my hope that all those who purchase a product with a T. C. Bartlett design on it, or one of my Children's Books, will feel great about their purchase.  

     My goal is to provide fun and alive cartoons and the best possible children's books I can create, which will continue to grow by, following trends, and
LISTENING to my customer.  That is why I feel it is So important that those who purchase a product with my design on it, or those who just come to look around, should contact me and tell me "What's on their Mind!"  If you are dissatisfied, then let's work together to resolve your dissatisfaction and turn into a satisfaction!  And if you  want to Email me just for fun, well, GREAT please do so

    By giving my own personal touch to all my customers it is my hope and my desire to make a distinctive and substantial impact, so all who visit here and view my art have truly enjoyed their experience.  Thanks for coming and visiting my Website!