The following Shark ARt /Shark Bites designs are here to make you feel good about seeing a dorsal fin swimming towards you . . .

I'm always working on new Shark designs and will add them when the next idea Bites Me!  If you are interested in a licensing agreement, contact me and let's give your product a big bite in sales for sure!

Beware of Sharks in Scuba Clothing?  All I can Say is, you better Look and see who your buddy is the next time you go snorkeling!

You can never have enough fresh Sushi! Don't you agree!

If you're a true 'Card Shark' you better 'Anit-up' and bring enough divers to stay in this game!  You never know when you might need a snack instead of placing a bet!
You won't go wrong at this Pawn Shoppe - They accept divers in any condition!

Grab your Diver-cue and you'll hit that Eight-ball right in the side pocket with these, Shark Bites designs!