Tuba Lessons is the first Children's Picture Book I've  had published.  It was published by,Creative Editions, which is an imprint of The Creative Company, along with Harcourt Brace & Company.

Tuba Lessons was first published in a Hardcover Edition in 1997 and has been published in many different countries, from Spain to Sweden and back again. 

In 2004 Tuba Lessons was published in a Paperback Edition and now as of July of 2009 Tuba Lessons was reissued in another Hardcover Edition.  You can still find it in US libraries, local book stores and many online book stores like Amazon.com.

When The Creative Company first decided to publish my book they wanted to use Monique Felix as the illustrator.  I was very pleased, as I had known of Monique's work for some time and loved her style and approach.  It was a good match and an honor to have such an established illustrator as Monique Felix illustrate my first Picture Book. 

One day though, it is my hope to have Tuba Lessons published using my illustrations which I've included below: My original concept was to start the illustrations in Black and White before the little boy decides to 'dilly-dally' in the woods, instead of going directly to his Tuba Lesson as his mother commanded. 

In my version, after the little boy does some wonderful 'dilly-dallying' in the woods, he falls asleep for a quick nap only to wake to a world of color and plays with all the animals.

Okay so I used a Lion instead of a Bear. . . I know there aren't any Lions in the woods of Indiana, but there could be?  My reason for having a Lion was to give the impression at the end of the story that maybe, just maybe the little boy's romp in the woods might just have been a dream. 

Then, at the end of the story, on the last page when the little boy reaches his Tuba Lesson, the world is once again Black and White.

Currently I am working on three new Book concepts.  If you have any questions about my Children's Picture Book concepts please feel free to contact me at any time at: